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Clarity Mapping Magic 

Lead with Confidence

Learn the step-by-step process to build your big picture and take the next step as a leader in your own field for only $37!

Over the past 15 years, I have guided my clients and myself in mapping visions, goals, and strategies 

providing invaluable tools in for decisive action to move forward.

Testimonials confirm the transformative power:

"I loved the map as it captured the learnings beautifully and helped me finally take action for change!" ............... Claire

"A brilliant way of visually mapping out your life at one moment, so it's plain to see like a road map...I could hold this map in my mind and work on different elements... even if I wasn't producing anything, I still felt like I was moving forward every day." ............... Rachel

..."helped me see the whole and followed up with an incisive mind map of my issues after each conversation. More importantly, she helped me focus on a small number of practical actions that, when I delivered them, advanced me toward my goals.“ ............... Sean

"The map of the process was the missing piece of a puzzle that, at the time, I wasn't even looking for!" ............... Paul

Now, I’m excited to share this simple and fun process with you.

So if you have ever wondered ...

  • How to break out of the cycle of overthinking and start taking action,

  • I feel ready to level up but aren't sure where to start,

  • How can I confidently make the  right decision while considering different opinions?
  • What’s the best way to maintain focus and stay on track?
  • How do I re-evaluate my current situation and optimise my actions?.
  • How can I overcome the fear of failure and external judgement?
  • How do I align my actions with my value? 

Clarity Mapping Magic is for you.

And I’ll show you how to visualise your vision and take actionable steps forward.

Clarity Mapping Magic includes:

STEP1: Identify A and BThis simple mapping process collects facts about where you are (A) and where you want to be (B). By integrating key elements of your internal self, you can create a powerful map.

STEP 2: Explore Intangible Element: Practising seeing things objectively to find more facts about yourself and your emotions.

STEP 3: Polish B: Engage in a step-by-step exercise that defines the previously undefined, providing you with a clear direction.

Plus, Shape the Mindset for Your progress

I will share my strategy for keeping you grounded, making the process enjoyable, and building resilient to overcome any challenges.

Bonuses Included:

1: Instant template: You will receive an authentic and simple template into guide you through your first clarity map.

2: Clarity Mapping Instruction: Detailed step-by-step mapping instructions are provided, so you can map anytime and anywhere with an A4 paper and pen for a clarity check.

With Clarity Mapping Magic, you’ll have all the tools necessary to gain clarity for your next step.

Is Clarity Mapping Magic for you?

If you're seeking to take intentional action, optimise your future, or level up for your next step, then I think Clarity Mapping Magic will be helpful for you.

The clarity map serves as a powerful tool to influence your future by giving you the clarity and direction you need.

Take the 1st action today and continue moving toward where you want to be.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The video content is approximately 45 minutes. By allocating an additional 15-30mins, you can complete your map with all your answers. So, the total time required is 60-75 minutes.

Clarity Mapping helps you understand where you are and where you want to be, regardless of whether you set explicit goals. The process encourages a holistic evaluation of what’s important to you, what improvements you desire, and what you want to achieve for your vision.

Clarity Mapping Workshop allows you to map every aspect of your life, including relationship, passions, communications and emotions. It covers all areas that shapes your vision whether related to your private life, career, job or community.This program enables you to define what’s important and determine your next steps in any situation.

This program is not recommended for individuals who are unwilling to take the time to define their desired future.

All you need to compete the program is an A4 paper, pens and optional Tipp-ex for corrections.

I am Junko, and I help mindful individual and entrepreneur achieve clarity and develop systems to effectively implement intentional actions, using mapping techniques, vision and leadership skills.

Working with me you can expect the following benefits:

1. Gain clarity regarding your vision, enabling you to take intentional actions and optimise your opportunities.

2. Align your actions with your core values, leading to contentment, focus, and resilience.

3. Develop sustainable learning and growth systems, while enhancing your leadership skills through intentional actions.

4. Acquire the mindset and abilities necessary to master the system and achieve your desired success in both your business and personal life.